Conditions: Good, but…

We are watching the weather very closely this week. Temps in the mid-to-high 30s each day hopefully the cloud cover and freezing rain help us out. Direct sun and non-freezing rain would be bad. Right now we are seeing melting on the roadways, have added some water back into the snow which should help the groomers, but again just going to wait and see. Those riding today have reported great conditions but for those of you coming up this weekend we will keep you updated. As of right now we don’t see any reason why you would not be able to ride we have a lot of snow and a solid base I think we can weather this warm up.

Condotions: Good

Been snowing pretty good here for the last 36 hours, probably 5 to 8 inches on the ground depending where you are. Forecast calls for more snow through tomorrow. Our Trails have a very good base and this on top is going to make them excellent. Groomers are reporting getting through all swamps and all trails are now open. Going to be hard to find an available room around the area this weekend but early next week would be a great time to ride in the Northwoods. Don’t forget about the Winter Blast in Mercer this Saturday if you are in town.

Condition: Fair

Speaking for the entire service industry in the Northwoods I can say we survived the week between Christmas and New Year’s and so did thw trails, been awhile since we had  to endure something like that. Great to see so many people up here enjoying the trails, Great to see so many people we haven’t seen in so long. Was able to get out today and ride over 200 miles up to the Lake of the Clouds and back. Going to go with fair on the trail system as there still are some open areas of water, still quite thin in areas, lot of areas the Clubs could not get to because of running water. We did find some very good trails but for the most part I think fair is appropriate. Did not get much snow last night we certainly need some more. Very rideable as I would make the same trip again tomorrow but if you want perfect trails you’re going to have to wait it out. The hotel is sold out Presidents Weekend but still openings this weekend and we have one of my favorite bands coming in this Saturday, and of course the crowd favorite DJ Justin Pitlik on Friday.