Conditions: Fair to Good

Rain over most of the state last night but we received mainly freezing rain. Early indications are that it did not impact our trails temperatures today are hovering around 37 but should be dropping quickly this morning. As we get more information we will let you know as to the condition of the trails. At this point I believe the trails are still fairl to good but in early-season conditions with some bare spots on the corners. Talked to several groups last night who were riding before the freezing rain and reported no issues. More to come…

Last week’s cold weather and a good amount of sled traffic froze up a lot of the wet spots on the trails. Slender reported some rough areas as the groomers have not made it to the swamps but didn’t see any open areas on the trails. I expect the groomers to try the swamps again this week and hopefully they will have success. Overall conditions are still early season with some areas including trail 17 from Lazy Ace in mercer going north that are really good. We will ride again this week and get a more detailed report. We are now sold out Fri and Sat after Christmas but have rooms the rest of the week. Plan your trips today! 715-476-2440.

Trails did open today in Iron County and will open tomorrow at noon in Vilas County. We rode today up to the Yukon 51 and had a very good ride. In town we saw some bare spots, some trails were still early condition with a lack of snow. The grade north had two open areas with running water but were very passable and didn’t slow us down. Grade also had some rocks still coming through. Overall we had an excellent ride and it was good to be out riding.  If you come up this weekend set your expectations for early season riding as there are still several trails not open due open swamps. Also stay off the lakes. We hope to post some video of the ride tomorrow.

We have been in close contact with the Mercer Snogoers and the Manitowish Waters Sno Skeeters; both clubs are expected to make a decision this week as to when the trails will open. Trails have been rolled, panned, and groomed. Some swamps have already been ran and are freezing up. Temps this week are VERY COLD and in the last 10 days we have received over 15″ of snow. We will attempt to get out mid week with our Go Pro to get a good video for everyone and as soon as the decision on open is made you will read it here first! Make your bookings today 715-476-2440 or online at