Trail Conditions: Fair to Good

For a week straight now we have seen a lot of sled traffic in Mercer, which has done a real number on the trails. Overall conditions are Fair to Good, watch out for ice corners and thin areas around the area. Groomers are getting out and keeping the trails smooth, but there isn’t much to work with. We did get three inches of fresh snow so far this week and the potential for me. Bottom line is you can ride the trails and people are (almost sold out at the hotel this weekend), but just watch out for those areas that are thin and/or icy. This Friday night we welcome back the Dave Steffen Band; music starts at 9pm.


Trail Conditions: Good to Very Good

What a weekend in the Northwoods, every lodging establishment for miles was sold out and the trails were busy. Thankfully the brutally cold, below zero temperatures, resulted in the trails holding up nicely. We picked up 7 inches of Lake Effect snow in the last 7 days and this set up nicely for a solid base. We were out riding after the weekend and all trails were good to very good. Mercer has a couple trails that they still haven’t been able to groom (8B? and 12), but all other trails have been groomed and the flowage has been marked. Overall riders were very happy with the conditions of the trails and while we always want more snow, the trails for this weekend should follow the same condtions we saw last weekend. Here at the Great Northern we have a waiting list for the next two weekends, so make your plans in advance! Also, this Saturday we will be having one of our favorite bands in the Wolf’s Den, Outlaw’D a Country Band who played the main stage of Hodag last year.


Trail Conditions: Good

After seeing sleds zoom by the hotel for two weeks and hearing everyone tell us how good the trails are, we had to get out and see it ourselves. Overall the trails were VERY GOOD. We rode South, North, and East with very little issues. Have to give these clubs a lot of credit for the amount of work they have done with not a lot of snow. The last snowfall was a heavy wet snow and all the clubs were able to get that packed down before we entered the below zero stretch (lat couple days and next coule days). We are still not recommending going on the lakes, although we expect the Flowage to get marked this week, and there are some swamps the groomers have not entered yet (resulting in some rough riding to and from) but they too should be able to get out this week prior to the weekend. We are expecting a busy weekend in the Northwoods (sold out Saturday already) and the conditions should hold up for a great weekend of riding.


Trail Conditions: Fair

Just just just wrapped up an amazing weekend. Amazed how many people made their trip up north regardless of the early season snow conditions to get on those first miles of the year. Lots of people out riding and the reports were across the board, some swamps still not frozen but others are. Lakes not safe. While the trails are thin people able to get around and put on a good  miles. Overall everybody I talked to was happy they came up and road last weekend. Cold temperatures this week. Lake effect possible middle of the week. Stay tuned. And as always we have music this weekend; Friday The Teds. The party will continue at the Great Northern.