Trail Conditions: Good w/ Some Wet Spots

Over 6″ of fresh new wet packy snow in the last 48 hours. The clubs have been out packing and grooming in preperation for the busy weekend upcoming. We are sitting really nice right now and are looking forward to a great week of riding! Temps will be dropping down and the trails should firm up nicely! The Flowage will be marked Christmas Day. There are still some wet spots along the trail in low areas. Here is a pictutre taken yesterday…


Trail Conditions: Early Season

Our temps dropped back to normal winter temps this week and froze everything to give us a nice base. In addition we received 5-8 inches of fresh snow around the area and the groomers were able to get back out on the trails. The trails are open and are rideable, but the best news is in front of us….Winter Weather Advisory with 6-12 inches coming in the 5 day forecast. More updates as snow accumulates. Picture from the groomer on Thursday….


Trail Conditions: Early Season

Wet, wet, wet…pretty much sums up our trail conditions right now and the groomers are off the trails until conditions change. The forecast is calling for a return to normal conditions for this time of year once we get past Monday. On the bright side, this actually may be a good thing for setting the trails up for better conditions for the rest of the season. The trails are packed down so they’ll freeze once the temperature drops and then we’re expected to get more snow through next week. But for now the trail conditions are very poor. I will keep you updated as soon as conditions change so keep checking back.


Trail Conditions: Early Season

All groomers have been out throughout the area, this will be week two for Iron County and Michigan, while Vilas County is ready to open their trails at 4pm on Friday 12/12/14. Everything looks great right now except for the forecast. For Mercer, WI high temperatures are:  Thursday 28, Friday 34, Saturday 39, Sunday 40 chance of rain, Monday 34 chance of snow. The trails should hold up for this weekend despite the warm temps, but our suggestions is ride early (Thursday and Friday), hopefully we see the temps drop for Saturday. We will be sure to provide ongoing updates as the weather develops.