Snowmobile Trail Reports 2018-19 Archives

Looking Good…

January 2, 2019

Trail Report
Jan 2 2019
Conditions: Fair to Good

Trails held up very well through the heavy traffic over the weekend. Groomers were out all day yesterday getting the trails flattened from a very busy week in the Northwoods. We still have some trails that need some work but overall conditions are fair to good. Of course as always as of late we need to watch the forecast as this weekend we are expecting unseasonably warm temps. Be safe and let’s ride! We do have rooms available this weekend and our music lineup continues with the David Walters Band on Friday night and DJ Justin Pitlik on Saturday night.

Need More Snow…

December 28, 2018

Trail Report

December 28, 2018

Conditions: Poor

Mostly rain yesterday with some light flurries throughout the night. Forecast for today says 1-3″. Overall not enough to get our groomers out. Northern part of Iron County (White Thunder Riders) is still grooming, trail 17 (the grade) is still open and after 3-10 Road you will find more snow.

Need Snow…

December 23, 2018

Trail Report
December 22, 2018
Conditions: Poor

We have received flurries for the last couple days but nothing substantial. We got out and rode yesterday, we found the grade (Trail 17) had a solid base, no rocks, gravel, or dirt showing anywhere. However, it is froze solid with minimal snow to cool down the machine. Once we got to 3-10 Rd the snow amounts did pick up and White Thunder Riders of northern Iron County were out grooming last night. In short you can use the grade to go north but the riding in Mercer now is poor. We only need 4-6 inches of good snow to get out and do some grooming, let’s keep watching the forecast and as conditions change we will let you know ASAP. FYI we closed a section of Trail 19 from Cedar Lake Rd to the Winchester Grade for logging. It is really wet in there and the logger needs to use the trail. We will let you know as soon as they are done 1-2 weeks. FOR THE NEXT WEEK OUR CANCELLATION POLICY IS YOU CAN CANCEL DAY OF WITH NO CHARGE, LET’S WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE SNOW

All I want for Christmas…

December 18, 2018

Trail Report
December 18
Conditions: Poor

The warm up hit us hard last weekend, we had a lot of melting and lost a lot of snow. The grade held up well as it is packed solid but basically a sheet of ice. At this point we cannot open any additional trails, but Trail 17 (the grade) remains open. There is some hope as John Dee is forecasting we might see some accumulations in the next week. Let’s all hope for snow!

Work Continues…

December 11, 2018
Trail Report
December 11 2018
Conditions- Early Season
We continue to get out and work on trails, but as of today we are not able to open any additional trails. We had light traffic over the weekend which helped pack and freeze some trails. Trail 17 (the grade) remains in good condition and is still being groomed. Most riders headed north and found good riding around Hurley, but marginal riding to the west and east. We do expect the Flowage to be marked soon and we will update everyone as soon as that happens. At this point let’s all hope for more snow, but if you want to get out and do a little riding the opportunity is there.

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