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Cold Weather, maybe Snow….

January 25, 2017

Trail Report

Condtions: Fair to Poor

Temps are finally going back to normal. Just waiting for the snowm, hoping we see some lake effect with the forecasted snow on Thursday thru Sunday.  Trails are icey on the corners, poor in town and on the roads, but fair in the woods. I think we survived the thaw now let’s build it back up again!

Not Good….

January 20, 2017

Still Thawing….

January 18, 2017

Conditions Fair to Good

The warm temperatures continue with yesterday and today both getting to 41. Next couple days will be high 30s and then this weekend we will see freezing rain. The trails sure are soft and the melting has begun. Conditions are not great but that hasn’t stopped the die hard drive. My advice for the weekend is use your best judgement,  if you want to come up, have fun, and put on a few miles you will not be disappointed.  If you want to come up and put on 200 miles a day with perfect conditions you should wait a week or two. Trying out best to be honest and fair with condtions. On the bright side the Wolf’s Den does have two bands this weekend; Friday and Saturday night.  We are not enforcing our cancellation policy this weekend for those that decide to not come and those who may decide to leave early.

Mid-Season Thaw

January 17, 2017

Conditions: Good, but…

We are watching the weather very closely this week. Temps in the mid-to-high 30s each day hopefully the cloud cover and freezing rain help us out. Direct sun and non-freezing rain would be bad. Right now we are seeing melting on the roadways, have added some water back into the snow which should help the groomers, but again just going to wait and see. Those riding today have reported great conditions but for those of you coming up this weekend we will keep you updated. As of right now we don’t see any reason why you would not be able to ride we have a lot of snow and a solid base I think we can weather this warm up.

Good Snow Coming Down…

January 10, 2017

Condotions: Good

Been snowing pretty good here for the last 36 hours, probably 5 to 8 inches on the ground depending where you are. Forecast calls for more snow through tomorrow. Our Trails have a very good base and this on top is going to make them excellent. Groomers are reporting getting through all swamps and all trails are now open. Going to be hard to find an available room around the area this weekend but early next week would be a great time to ride in the Northwoods. Don’t forget about the Winter Blast in Mercer this Saturday if you are in town.

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Wedding Fun in the Northwoods

Loved the Great Northerner. My cousin got married in the back and the staff was awesome and making the stay personal. Bar was a lot of fun and breakfast did the trick. Would recommend 2nd floor for vehicle noise.

We had to stay here due to sell outs further north but were not disappointed. The rooms were big and clean. The hotel has a beautiful sitting area with Wi fi. Our room was not updated but it appears that they are in the process of doing so. The hotel is right on the ATV/Snowmobile Trail.

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Good price, very large, nice room. I would stay here again. The area has lots to see and do. This facility has everything needed for large or small groups. The staff was friendly and professional. We enjoyed our stay and have nothing bad to say about this place. I recommend it.